The Art Of Sensual Loving Book by Dr Andrew Stanway



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A New Approach to Sexual Relationships. In this classic guide to lovemaking, Dr. Andrew Stanway shows couples how the simple pleasures of courtship and romance, flirtation and seduction, can greatly enhance a loving, sexual relationship. By focusing less on physical penetration, and more on the delicious and arousing art of seduction and foreplay, this unique handbook shows how couples can heighten their sexual pleasure in exciting new ways.

With full color exciting yet tasteful illustrations showing the way, you will learn all about attraction and courtship, the art of seduction, the role of fantasy, love, sex, and romance, the sexual body, how to create romance, sensual and erotic massage, the role of sex toys, precautions and protection, and lovemaking positions.

In his trademark frank and informative style, Dr. Stanway includes sections on: mutual attraction, seduction, love, sex, and romance, arousal, sex drive, masturbation, desire, oral sex, power of touch and more. This is a revised and updated edition of an erotic classic, published on the 20th anniversary of its original launch. It is a must have for every couple looking to explore new levels of intimacy. 160 pages. 20th anniversary publication date February 1 2010.


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